Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The electrics (part two)

OK, here are the schematics for the electrics (click for bigger image). It is viewed from below.
Remember that this is based around two single coils and a humbucker and that all three pots incorporate push/pull switches.

The three toggle switches allow you to use any or all of the pickups at the same time, and even switch them all off, so it has a sort of muting function too.

The booster is based on a Vox Treble Booster and the battery negative wire is connected to the middle ring of the output jack so that it only ever completes the circuit when the lead is plugged in (to be able to do this, the jack socket must be stereo, giving you that extra middle ring, although the actual output signal will, of course, be mono). That way you don't need to worry about storing your guitar and leaving the booster turned on. Also note that this means the battery is ALWAYS being used when the lead is plugged in, even when the booster is not switched on. The reason for this is that otherwise you would hear a loud popping noise when you switched the booster on. To be honest, I'm assuming you understand a certain amount about making small circuits if you are thinking of copying this circuit.

You should be able to print this out in good quality (300dpi) on an A4 page.

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Hey Stuey, I thought it smelled nice at this URL. ;)

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I hope you are well, I like your blog, from what I read of it.